Smart Webmasters proactively Promote their Website URLs

One good way for webmasters to earn some free banner advertising for promotion and branding is to join a free banner exchange like A program like this can be a great way to automatically use your website earn free website advertising with banners.

There are a lot of webmasters who develop and manage a large variety of websites. While they might develop a great website, it may not always be easy for potential visitors to find. This is why webmasters should seek out various sources of free URL advertising to promote and advertise their web pages and website links. A URL is defined as “Uniform Resource Locator”, which is the technical name for a web address.

There is almost an unlimited number of places where people can advertise their URLs so that more people can discover them. There are free classified advertising sites that let you advertise URLs for free. There are also niche bulletin boards that will let you advertise for free via your signature. Other options for free advertising includes things such as; directories, link exchanges, blog commenting, etc.

There are also plenty of paid ways to advertise a URL, but some are more effective than others. Paid advertising methods include things like textual advertising, print media, billboard advertising, email marketing, paid links, etc. With so many services and methods available we do not recommend spending much money to promote your URL.

We do not recommend spamming to promote URLs as it is bad practice and can reflect badly on your overall image and hurt you in the long run. Do not automate your advertising and do everything by hand. We advise all webmasters to take their time and create unique write ups and ads when advertising URLs. If you are wanting to promote tasteful content, we invite you to use our website to advertise your URL by going to

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